The Fourth Industrial Revolution - is it thought all wrong?

I have been contemplating a lot recently about the ubiquitous buzz around "the era of digitalization". What is it about? What is it REALLY about? While not having found an answer yet, I found this article quite inspiring, taking a different perspective on the notion of "industrial revolutions" over time.

As provocative the title might be, the author's different approach on what was behind each industrialization leap is appealing. If we don't put technology in the centre of our reflections, we will discover other drivers and might eventually come to a better understanding of what to do based on our observations: "We know we’re in the midst of a technological and societal change, but how can we predict the specifics of the future when we can’t truly understand the present?"

"Perhaps it is time to tell ourselves a very different story to help us prepare for a very different future."

Lentos Museum, Linz (c) Johannes Ortner

Lentos Museum, Linz (c) Johannes Ortner

Johannes Ortner