The Knowledge Pyramid

Donaucity, Vienna

Donaucity, Vienna

The Knowledge Pyramid, or: How to acquire personal knowledge and what is a suitable strategy to choose.

There are many concepts and models flying around. I found this interesting view by Neal Ford and Brian Foster on how to master personal knowledge both in depth and width.

Even if the article builds on software architecture and the architect’s role, the principle approach can be applied in any kind of role that is not expected to be the expert. The more we widen the breadth of our knowledge the less we should strive for getting into all the depth of it. We might experience an inner conflict in times of shifting expectations, where everybody should be knowledgeable about everything. Taking a bold decision on how we want to balance breadth with depth will give the answer to the question how deep we can and want to go with our knowledge development in a particular field.

To be continued…